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                Space Scooter is 2in1 scooter with Rocking and kicking modle. It has a Wonderful users experience what is like walking in the space. Does not need any power but your steps.

                automatic folding transformation system
                Super Silent flywheel system, Let you get away from the noise
                AIR Spring shock absorber system, More comfortable for riding
                20CM(8inch)big PU wheel, More resistant

                Ultimate load:90kg
                Steering Tube: aluminium
                Fram: steel
                Deck: steel
                Folder: Air spring
                Shock Absorber: Air spring
                Wheel: Φ200mm(8inch) PU
                LWH: 91*15*33cm
                N.W. (kg) 8.2
                G.W. (kg) 9.6
                Contain Num. 670pcs/20GP,1450pcs/40GP,1660pcs/40HQ